The Education Secretariat supports Catholic schools, parents and parishes in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Current Issues

Data Protection for Schools Website

A data protection website for schools has been developed by the primary and post-primary management bodies with the assistance of the Department of Education and Skills.

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Statistics Form 2014 - 2015

Primary schools are required to complete the Statistics Form for the school year 2014 -2015.

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Finance - Statement of Receipts and Payments

The Statement of Receipts and Payments from 1 September 2013 - 31 August 2014 inclusive is set out as an Excel Spreadsheet. The form together with the accompanying guidelines should be sent to your accountant.

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Revised Application Form for Garda Vetting

On March 31st 2014 the Minister for Justice and Equality implemented an administrative filter to be applied to all Garda Vetting applications. The purpose of this filter is to allow a more balanced, relevant and proportionate approach to Garda Vetting. This means that only certain convictions will be disclosed through the Garda Vetting process. In line with this administrative filter a revised Garda Vetting form must now be used for all future vetting applications. It is appreciated that there are a number of ‘old format’ vetting forms in circulation, however applications in ‘old format’ cannot be submitted after 23rd June.

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Substance Abuse - Programmes for Confirmation classes

The Irish Bishops' Drugs Initiative has prepared a number of programmes as part of its pastoral response to substance abuse. These programmes are offered to parishes and schools around the time of Confirmation.

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